Now I'm just jealous. The camera on my Blackberry is awful er um, maybe it's the operator, but still...

My first camera was a Brownie. Maybe I should go back to that...

Love the lighting in this photo.

Jim Brochowski on 8/12/10

Great shot of a lovely dog. Mine is camera shy and always turns away when I point the camera at him!
Grant Stringer on 9/18/10

Super shot.Exellent colours and atmosphere.
s?zkov? kancel?re on 9/26/10

such a pity lonely dog, but i bet the owner is near cos the strap is still on. great shot.
kwpang on 9/30/10

Can't explain. Some of the best images I see today are the ones that are incomplete and make the mind fill in the blanks. That is the bit that makes Holgas et al attractive. Woof.
ROB on 10/19/10

Hey, something is wrong with your site in Opera, you should check into it.
rambojones on 10/30/10

great this kind of pictures.Exellent. Wish all the best.
katalog stron on 11/23/10

more tha fantastic,perfect image
ella on 11/30/10

Great use of the lighting. Nice shot.
Russ on 1/5/11

I am sad that this blog has not been updated in over a year. I still check every week, hoping for an amazing new photo and a magical story/idea/revelation underneath.
Simon on 9/28/11

I miss your photos and amazing stories and put me the the moment...or in the emotion that you capture so well. Come back!! I check often and hope to be pleasantly surprised by updates soon!!
Karen on 11/9/11